About Us

Since 1939 Concord Gentlemen’s Accessories and our partner factories in Europe, Asia and the United States have brought to the market useful products of unique style made from the finest materials by skilled craftsmen. These products represent our Philosophy:

Enhancing Everyday Life With Useful
Objects That Delight The Senses

Today we offer:
• Harvy Canes
• Concord Lane Walking Sticks and Umbrellas
• Concord Cobbler Shoehorns
• Concord Cocktail- Flasks, Bar and Wine Accessories
• Concord Travel- Gifts for the most uncompromising of Travelers: The Concord Traveler
• Concord Desk- “Words from The Wise Paperweights”, Letter Openers, Magnifying Glasses and Library Sets for the Elegant Desk

Concord prides it self by offering some of the most thoughtful, practical and effective displays in the world of gifts. These wonderful displays and our packaging are on view in our catalog. We invite you to page thru the catalog to see what we mean.

Concord Lodge Display
Cobbler Shoehorn Display Concord Spinner Flask Display Concord Mini Umbrella Display
Concord Letter Opener Caddy Display Concord Executive Clipper Display Concord Words From The Wise
Paperwights Display